Which dogs are the most clingy?

Dogs are the best loyal companion, but some are much more clingy than others. These dogs are called velcro dog breeds for good reason, and their behavior and personality are adorable all the time, except when you go to the bathroom. These dogs prefer to rest directly on your lap than on the floor at your feet or even right next to you on the couch. This sleek and athletic Hungarian breed is perhaps the clingiest dog in the world, which makes sense since it was originally bred as a hunting companion.

The unmistakable size and shape of this breed has become a favorite among dog owners around the world, but it's their affection that most attracts people. They are excellent family dogs and thrive best in a fenced yard environment where exercise opportunities abound. Perhaps the perfect sized dog for any living situation, the Cocker Spaniels were once the most popular breed in the United States. Coming from the Siberian nature, the breed's perpetual smile is actually an evolutionary peculiarity; raised lips prevent dogs from drooling, which in Siberia would cause the formation of dangerous icicles around their mouths.

This breed is very suitable for city life, as they were bred as lapdogs and only need moderate exercise. Considering that the intelligent Border Collie has been bred to work very closely with its owner to herd sheep, it may come as no surprise that the relationship can be quite intense from a dog's point of view. Any Labrador owner who has found his dog waiting patiently outside the bathroom can tell you how much this breed loves its human. The BarkSpot staff is a group of canine experts dedicated to helping you live the best possible life with your dog.

Some Velcro dogs also suffer from separation anxiety, but with proper training and socialization, they learn to love their humans and to stay calm when they are apart. The French butterfly dog will reach your heart in no time thanks to its friendly nature and its unwavering desire to be with its human companions at all times. One thing to keep in mind is that some dogs are known for their propensity to become so-called “velcro dogs”. Certain dog breeds tend to be incredibly clingy and often a little needy when it comes to their owners, earning them the nickname “velcro dogs”.

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