17 Quiet Dog Breeds That Make Perfect Apartment Pets

Are you looking for a quiet canine companion to join your family? Look no further than these 17 typically quiet dog breeds that could be a perfect match. From the beloved Labrador Retriever to the Bichon Frise, these dogs are friendly, active, and outgoing. They are also low-maintenance and excel in obedience training. Read on to learn more about these breeds and why they make great apartment pets.The Labrador Retriever is America's favorite dog and it's easy to understand why.

Friendly, active, and outgoing, this beloved breed is famous for being a pleasant housemate who will create bonds with the whole family. The Bichon Frise is a small powdery white ball with legs that has a high rating of “cute”. She is a friendly, playful, and cheerful companion who excels in obedience training. Although it tends to do better with older children, it is a great family pet.A huge but compact dog, small in stature but impressive and dignified, the Bulldog's fierce expression contradicts the breed's kind and affectionate nature.

The Bulldog is an extremely friendly and adorable dog that does not know its own strengths and can outsmart those who are not prepared with its enthusiastic greeting. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sweet and gentle breed that is affectionate with both family members and strangers, and loves children.The size of approximately 12 inches tall at the shoulder makes it an ideal indoor pet, and it learns quickly with gentle instructions. This is an excellent family dog that doesn't require much exercise, but keep in mind that she can't withstand a lot of sudden blows. Known by most as the “Lassie” dog, this is an ancient sheep herding breed that comes in long or short coat varieties.

Collies are intelligent, sensitive


that need quiet environments and easily accept training.They are affectionate, loyal, and protective pets that know how to love children. The French bulldog is essentially a toy bulldog with big bat ears. It is a medium sized puppy with short hair and very muscular. The Frenchie is a cheerful and sociable breed that easily makes friends.

She is a quiet


, requires minimal exercise, and is ideal for living in an apartment.This giant breed weighs up to 200 pounds. Despite their courage and unpleasant appearance, the Bullmastiff is a calm

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and an affable, relaxed, and docile dog that maintains an air of perpetual dignity. She is very protective and, although affectionate with the children in the family, she can distrust her friends.The gentle French bulldog requires minimal care, barks infrequently, adapts well to his family's lifestyle, and approaches exercise with a “take it or leave it” attitude. Make sure they walk them long enough to maintain a healthy weight, but beyond that, these dogs will fit just about anywhere, with anyone.Boston Terriers are gregarious puppies that just want your approval.

The amount of exercise they need will definitely vary from dog to dog (as with any breed), but it's usually enough to walk a couple of times a day and play indoors. They are excellent singles apartment dwellers in the city and do just as well with families and children from the suburbs.In addition, that coat requires as little maintenance as possible. Grooming comes up a lot when it comes to dogs and hectic lifestyles. Schedule an expensive salon session for your dog every four weeks (more often than highlights)? No thank you! Manchester Terriers (both standard-sized and toy) have an elegant carefree coat.These dogs also love to cuddle up and relax after a brisk walk.

Dachshunds have a positive disposition and are generally ready for anything you throw at them (frisbee or otherwise). The exercise may consist of running around the house (even if you are careful with the stairs) or walking leisurely.If you work in a dog-friendly office or from home, your Dachshund will be content to sit next to you while you focus on tasks. In addition, the beagle is generally a very healthy

dog breed

. In fact, the beagle's carefree personality and its absence of genetic diseases explain why researchers choose beagles for controversial animal tests.French bulldogs, like all short-faced dogs, have breathing difficulties and as a result should avoid strenuous exercise.

The Golden Retriever is an excellent hunting dog and family companion due to its winning personality, desire to please, and great intelligence.If you can make it through the initial (and sometimes frustrating) training then these are fantastic dogs with a big heart. Family is the most important thing for a Golden so leaving them alone will create a broken-hearted and destructive dog. Golden dogs are one of the most devoted and easy to deal with

dog breeds

, and because they are eager to please they usually stand out for their training.

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