The Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

We have been researching and testing products for more than 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the leading dog registry in the U.S., and has been publishing a list of the most popular breeds in the United States for decades every year.

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below and head to the AKC website for more information on the list.The Yellow Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds, and is known for its confident, intelligent, and courageous nature. These large


can weigh between 50 and 90 pounds, and have the ability to learn orders for many tasks and the willingness to risk their lives in defense of their loved ones. Rottweilers are loyal, affectionate, and are confident guardians of themselves. These


can weigh between 80 and 135 pounds and are very strong.

They are characterized by a short black coat with intelligent rust marks and are born with a territorial instinct.The Golden Retriever is another popular breed, known for its infinite affection and general enthusiasm for life. Especially if it's a search game. At home, the breed is a friendly guardian. With a wrinkled face, big bat ears, and irresistible puppy eyes, it's easy to see why this photogenic breed is such a popular choice.Small in size and relatively quiet, Poodles are a natural choice for city dwellers.

With a variety of sizes and colors, there's a poodle for everyone. Poodles have a reputation for being very careful and daring, but in reality they are skilled athletes and intelligent creatures that make them loving and easy to train family companions.Properly trained Rotational Workers are calm, calm and serene. This may make them seem distant to outsiders, but family members know how cuddly this teddy bear breed can be. According to the AKC, it is not uncommon to hear the words noble and aristocratic when talking about this popular breed, known for its elegant and spotted appearance.The Dachshund's distinctive appearance has won him a large number of fans, but his wonderful personality should not be overlooked either.

Bold, sometimes stubborn and always enthusiastic, this popular breed is infinitely endearing.Don't be fooled by the glamorous coat of these little beauty queens - Yorkies were originally bred as hardworking thieves and still have many of those tenacious terrier qualities today. These hard-working


, not to be confused with Alaskan malamutes (or wolves), were designed to run long distances in cold and hostile climates.Siberian Huskies are perhaps best known for their striking blue eyes. The breed has earned the nickname “Velcro dog” because they never leave their owner's side and stick to him like Velcro. One of the best companion breeds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is bred to be exceptionally cute, with established breed traits such as a tail that is constantly moving every time the dog moves.It's easy to understand why this family-friendly breed has been ranked the most popular

dog breed

since 1991; laboratories are intelligent, patient, and just plain cute.

The American Bulldog is another intelligent and capable breed with exceptional athletic abilities, although they can be quite destructive if they are not provided with an adequate outlet for all their excessive energy.This intelligent and friendly breed is basically the group's movie star, with starring roles in Full House, Air Bud and Homeward Bound. These tiny puppies are descendants of much larger sled dog breeds, and it can still be seen in their attitude.Although they are now more often kept as pets in the United States than as hunters, Beagles are still widely used for hunting purposes in other countries. In reality, it is an ancient breed which was once used to hunt wild boars under the name of boar hound - although the name was changed to English Dog in the 16th century.Thanks to its corpulent constitution and friendly nature, this one-of-a-kind breed is a loving and loyal companion. In addition, the breed has given rise to many popular mixed breeds such as Labradoodle, Cockapoo and Goldendoodle.This Scottish breed has been used for a variety of canine jobs such as search and rescue, service work, and hunting - although they are unlikely to surpass the Labrador Retriever as one of the most popular breeds.

They come in standard, miniature, and toy-sized varieties but all poodles are considered to be a single breed - extremely intelligent...

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