18 Friendliest Dog Breeds: The Perfect Addition to Your Family

Are you looking for a loyal and friendly companion to add to your family? Look no further than these 18 friendliest dog breeds! From the Coton de Tulear to the Labrador Retriever, these breeds are sure to bring joy and companionship into your home. At the top of the list of friendliest dog breeds is the Coton de Tulear. Often described as “carefree”, these dogs are extremely tolerant, curious, and friendly. They make excellent family


and loyal companions in every way.

Beagles are also known for their friendly nature. Bred as hunting dogs, Beagles are used to running in packs, which probably contributes to their friendly disposition. They are active and energetic, so they require regular exercise and plenty of play time. Bearded Collies are herding dogs known for their furry coats.

These family dogs are always friendly and can get along with everyone, but they definitely require regular exercise to release their energy and keep boredom at bay. Like the Bearded Collie, the Border Collie is a high-energy herding

dog breed

. These dogs are incredibly intelligent, highly trainable and aim to please. Of all the dogs on our list, Border Collies are perhaps the friendliest to their families, but they can be a little more reserved with strangers.

Border Collies require a lot of exercise and excel when they have a job to do. A small

dog breed

full of personality, it's hard not to make friends with the Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are fun, friendly, and sociable companions. Boxers are fun-loving, intelligent and loyal.

So, it makes sense that they're one of the many friendly

dog breeds

that are great for kids. Boxers are great guard dogs for their families, but don't worry, they don't always talk seriously.These dogs are known to be foolish and are unlikely to pass up the opportunity to play. Boxers have a lot of energy, so daily exercise is important. However, they are easy to train and training can help channel their energy.

Sometimes they may seem grumpy, but there's no doubt that Bulldogs are one of the friendliest dog breeds out there.Bulldogs are quiet, require little maintenance, and are unwavering companions. Willing to go wherever you go, the Bulldog is happy to meet new friends: in the city, in the suburbs or in the countryside. These dogs only need moderate exercise, which can be great if you don't have a lot of space for activity.Usually, bulldogs also agree to training. The sweet eyes of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel say it all.

These dogs were bred to be friendly and loyal companions, and it shows. Like the famous Lassie on the big screen, Collies are known for their sociable and loyal personality.One of the best dog breeds for children, collies are athletic herding dogs that love to play and exercise regularly. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (PBGV) is a cheerful and energetic hunting dog originally bred on the west coast of France (hence its name). Like the Beagle, the PBGV was bred to hunt in packs, and now enjoy the company of other dogs, children and people.Naturally faithful and eager to learn, Golden Retrievers make wonderful pets for families with children.

These cheerful canines have great stamina and boundless energy; they love meeting new people and will greet them with wide smiles! With their adorable faces and wide smiles, Pugs can't help but make friends with everyone they meet.These friendly dogs love people, cuddles and affection, and can be so much fun and mischievous. Pugs will certainly keep you entertained as they are playful, cheerful and affectionate. Alert and elegant with great stamina; Border Collies love being surrounded by people.These cheerful canines make excellent working dogs as they excel at herding sheep; however they also make great family pets as they are incredibly affectionate towards their owners. Thanks to its kind and loving nature, cute appearance and great intelligence; Labradoodles make great additions to any family.These pups have a lot of energy so make sure you have enough space outside for them to roam around; however they're relatively easy to train so you won't have any trouble teaching them new tricks! French Bulldogs may be small in size but they're full of personality! These affectionate canines generally welcome strange guests into their home; they love people and are great with children.They're also good with other pets if exposed from a young age; therefore good socialization when puppies is key! Newfoundland dogs may be huge but don't let this discourage you; these gentle giants love people just as much as any other breed! Boston Terriers require regular exercise but thrive thanks to human contact.These dogs are known for forming strong bonds with their owners; they're friendly, eager to please and love doing anything their family does! All 18 of these friendliest dog breeds will fit your home perfectly; with their gentle demeanor and relaxing energy - you won't regret adding one of these pups into your family!.

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