What is the best house pet dog?

Neither too big nor too small, this gentle breed is content to snuggle up next to you. From charming Chihuahuas to peaceful Newfoundland, we've rounded up the best domestic dogs to suit your family. The miniature schnauzer will surely be your bearded best friend. Mini Schnauzers are super affectionate and great with families and children, Robinson says.

Friendly and courageous, little schnauzers thrive when they get approximately one hour of exercise a day, which consists mainly of playing indoors and taking a pleasant walk. Miniature Schnauzers don't shed much hair, making them a fantastic partner for allergy sufferers, although they require regular grooming to keep their coat in perfect condition. We have been independently researching and testing products for more than 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.

Learn more about our review process. For families that like to think big, consider using a gentle giant such as the Bernese Mountain Dog. They may exceed 100 pounds, but underneath all that fluff is a sweet, affectionate pet known for its child-friendly nature. Alaskan Malamutes will do anything to please their pack, whether they are human or canine.

Created to function like sled dogs, these powerful puppies need a leader who establishes a consistent training and exercise regime. Now is your chance to learn how to ski. At the other end of the size spectrum, Newfoundland can tip the balance between 100 and 150 pounds. These gentle giants excel at swimming, but have also earned a great reputation as nanny dogs thanks to their patient and vigilant nature.

His sweet temper will definitely win you over, if you have space. Faithful beyond belief, basset hounds are avid television addicts who enjoy discreet indoor lifestyles. Yes, they need a daily walk (ideally with other friendly dogs) and may get carried away by a smell. When you get home, get ready for a quiet nap.

As with all breeds with shortened snouts, bulldogs should not participate in rigorous exercise or stay outdoors in hot weather. They need enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight, but beyond quick hikes, they're content to put their feet next to you on the couch (or on your lap if you allow it). One of the most adaptable puppies available is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs are more than happy to adapt to your lifestyle, especially if that means cuddling them under blankets.

Sure, they're willing to play outside with kids and other pets, but if you're a homebody, they'll do the same. Constantly on our lists of the most adaptable and city-friendly dogs is the French bulldog. These puppies don't ask much from you and they don't feel the need to bark to advertise. Like bulldogs and French bulldogs, pugs require enough exercise to stay lean, but not so much that they overheat or run out of breath.

These puppies are one of the most popular urban dogs because of their adaptability. Also, get ready for a lot of love. The 15 best companion dogs to be by your side. If your family is looking for a ferocious guard dog, look no further.

While boxers can be playful and energetic, they have a close bond with their family and have extreme patience with children. That means that they take their work as protectors very seriously and will not be afraid to attack if necessary. Temperaments may vary depending on the individual animal, but the American Kennel Club recommends these 20 family-friendly breeds as a great starting point for starting your pet adoption search. They can even teach a thing or two at home about persistence, as this quality has earned the nickname “the most staunch”.

They are an empathetic breed that enjoys spending time with children and other animals, making them an excellent household and family pet. Many would think that the whip would not be suitable for a home lifestyle, since it can run up to 35 miles per hour, making it the fastest domesticated animal of its height. Your lifestyle should continue to have enough space to train, play and pay attention to your pet. This flat nosed puppy with his famous silky coat is curious and well-behaved, almost never barks and has a happy presence in the house.

Whether you live alone or with members of your family and want to add a puppy to the mix, you might be wondering which breeds are the best domestic dogs. When you welcome a new pet to the family, plan to also provide your puppy with consistent, positivity-focused training. Intelligent and charming, they are a bundle of joy that are wonderful companions for all the humans and pets in the house. The Sealyham terrier is what the AKC describes as a “small, substantial dog” with the build of an NFL runner (“powerful”; low build), but it is still a docile and temperate pet to keep at home.

Vizslas aren't the type of dogs that enjoy time alone, and in a house full of people, that's good. Although considered to be the fastest dog breed, greyhounds are happy to rest at home or go out for long walks. . .

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