What Happens When You Breed a Wolf and a Dog?

The Swedish Vallhund may look like a corgi, but this energetic pup is not only a shepherd, but also a breed of wolf dog. Usually gray, black or red like a wolf, the Swedish Vallhund is also great for families, children and other dogs. According to the USDA, there are around 300,000 werewolves in the United States. Owning a wolf dog is a much more serious responsibility than keeping a poodle as a pet, and it's important to consider all factors before taking on such an animal.Wolves tend to be aggressive towards dogs, but when socially isolated, they can change their behavior and become playful or submissive.

Wolf dog advocates say they can make wonderful pets, while opponents argue that they are unpredictable, untrainable and inherently dangerous. The number of crosses with


has not been enough to significantly alter the genetic makeup of the wolf population. The minimum space and confinement size requirements for wolfhounds vary by area, with some as little as 50 x 50 feet, but it's recommended to have up to one acre for wolf hybrids.More than 13% of the wolves studied had detectable dog ancestors and more than 10% of the dogs had detectable wolf ancestors. In many states, wolf dog ownership is regulated at the county level, so local laws will determine if wolf-dogs are legal.

Others think that the wild genetics of the wolf dog makes it more wild than gentle and should not be kept in captivity for the safety of both the animal and the people who interact with it. Hybridization between wolves and


usually occurs when the wolf population is under heavy hunting pressure and its structure is disrupted due to the large number of dogs raised in the wild.Some sanctuaries give wolf dogs up for adoption, and if so, you should visit them in person before committing to buy. But there is no way to prove the pedigree of any animal, since there is no


registry (and there is no such thing as “documents” for a wolf or a werewolf, no matter what those who raise them say). Of course, not all werewolves behave the same way, and there is probably more variety of behavior among werewolves than any other type of dog.

Wolves are constantly exploring their environment, says Frank Wendland, former executive director of the WOLF Sanctuary in La Porte, Colorado.In the 1950s, the Czechoslovakian wolf dog was also created to work in border patrol in countries that are now known as Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Hailing from ancient Japan, the Shikoku

dog breed

has existed for a long time and physically resembles an Akita rather than a wolf.So what happens when you breed a wolf and a dog? It's important to remember that wolves are wild animals and should be treated as such. Wolf dogs can make great pets if they are properly trained and socialized from an early age. However, it's important to research local laws before getting one as they may be illegal in some areas.

It's also important to remember that there is no way to guarantee that any animal is purebred or has documents proving its pedigree.

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