What Health Problems Do Brachycephalic Dog Breeds Face When Breeding?


brachycephalic dog breeds

, such as British bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs, have been deliberately bred to have a large head, broad shoulders and narrow pelvis. This combination of features makes it difficult for puppies to pass through the mother's pelvic canal during birth, leading to significant birth problems. In addition, the mother may have difficulty breathing due to the stress and physical exertion of childbirth. The reason French bulldogs cannot


on their own is due to the way they have been bred.

This has resulted in short legs, a compact body and narrow hips, making it difficult for the male Frenchie to mount the female for successful mating. As a result, many dogs suffer from respiratory, skeletal and skin problems, and are unable to mate naturally or give birth. If they develop breathing difficulties at a young age, they are unlikely to survive past the age of five. The film “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” generated three independent reports which concluded that breeding for “extreme features” such as the enormous and short head of the bulldog is harmful to the health and well-being of dogs.

Furthermore, it is important to determine if your Frenchie is the result of two closely related dogs (such as siblings) mating. It is said that a female French bulldog can reproduce twice a year, but due to the risks associated with C-section and pregnancy, it is recommended to wait at least 18-24 months before attempting another litter.It is clear that the Bulldog's integrity has been compromised due to its inability to reproduce without human intervention. Mixed breed rescue dogs have a greater diversity of genetic material which leads to fewer health problems than purebreds. The extreme form of brachycephaly caused by flat-faced breeding has led to an increase in respiratory issues and is now the leading cause of death for bulldogs.

However, it is important to note that reproduction will involve significant medical expenses.Bulldogs can have so much trouble breathing that many can't exercise normally or even ride in a car that can get hot. In addition, researchers found a worrying lack of diversity in the region of the genome that regulates the immune system of dogs. The English bulldog has reached a point where its popularity can no longer excuse its health problems and short life expectancy. Therefore, it is essential to test your French bulldog for any genetic defects before breeding.Responsible breeders recommend that female French Bulldogs be at least 2 years old before attempting reproduction.

Before taking on the responsibility of raising a French bulldog, you should always ensure that you have the time and funds available to carry out the process without harming the mother.

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