14 Rare Dog Breeds You May Not Have Heard Of

The Tibetan mastiff is an enormous and noble


, known for its “solemn but kind” expression and an impressive double coat. Its distant, vigilant and independent nature makes the Tibetan Mastiff an excellent guardian, but a participant reluctant to participate in organized activities such as obedience. Swedish Vallhunds are athletic dogs that excel in obedience, agility, tracking, herding and flyball, in addition to being traditionally a farm dog used for herding. The “small, powerful and fearless” breed comes in a variety of colors and with a variety of tail lengths, from a bobtail (without a tail) to a completely curly tail.

Known for its curly, pale-colored wool coat, the Bedlington Terrier bears some resemblance to a lamb. But this breed is much more athletic than it seems, traditionally used to run and catch vermin. Sleek construction helps speed and endurance. This agile, hard-working breed resembles a fox in many ways.

The Finnish Spitz has erect ears, a dense coat and a bushy tail, and appears in a range of colors, from pale honey to dark brown. The breed is known for its intelligent expression and fast movement. As the name suggests, the enormous Otterhound is very capable in the water. The aromatic hound has webbed legs and a rough, double coat, which also makes it a great hunter on land.

Otters also stand out as pets because they are curious, boisterous and friendly. Also known as the American Dingo, the Carolina dog actually started out as a wild, wandering free dog. It was discovered in the cypress swamps of the southeastern United States around the 1970s and is now raised in captivity. Italian curly-haired

dog breeds

are very cute and adorable, and the Lagotto Romagnolo is no exception.

In fact, Lagotta Romagnolo is the only

pure breed

in the world recognized as a specialized search engine for truffles. Truffle hunters or not, they make warm and friendly companions. You can see why this unique dog is nicknamed “Arabian greyhound”, since their resemblance is amazing: they are one of the fastest dog breeds in existence. However, they form a close bond with their person or family.

Because of their hunting genes, they may not be the best roommates with smaller animals and birds unless introduced to them at an early age. We can't get enough of cute Japanese dog breeds, including the Kai Ken. Its impressive and striking striped coat is of unique beauty. They are exceptionally intelligent and dedicated to their family.

As one of the six breeds native to Japan, they are one of the rarest


in the world. The Kai Ken became Japan's national treasure in 1934 and is protected by law.Many rare dog breeds come from across the pond, such as the English foxhound, raised in England. The makeup of the English foxhound hasn't changed much since it was first bred around the 18th century, says Dr. As dogs with a pack mentality, they are happier with other dogs, people (including children), but are rarely seen as household pets, according to the AKC.

When it comes to herding sheep, the Australian Kelpie is the best candidate for bringing the herd together, whether the herd is made up of sheep, other dogs or children.He is outgoing and friendly but also a workaholic and intelligent who requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. For that reason, the Kelpie is not a breed for first-time parents of dogs or for a family with young children which may partly explain why it's so rare.While the origin of the Kelpie is disputed these Australian dog breeds are 100 percent Australian. You know that you are the best if your photo is on a postage stamp and you are the national dog of your country. The contemplative eyes and distinguished beard of the Cesky Terrier from the Czech Republic convey a majestic and dignified atmosphere.

However, this toy

dog breed

is not a boring politician.The Cesky isn't a breed you'll find at the dog park; there are only about 600 in the United States. The Teddy Roosevelt terrier is vivacious friendly and affectionate with his family but he often clings to one person in particular. The breed was named in honor of President Teddy Roosevelt who “appointed these rat-terriers to combat rat infestation in the White House” Courageous and adorable these dogs are outgoing and friendly to children and family pets when raised together.With their love for social life they don't do well when they are in kennels constantly tied up or isolated from their people Here are 14 more short-haired dogs that make great family pets.The only dog breed named after a literary figure; The Dandie Dinmont Terrier is named after a rugged and friendly farmer in Sir Walter Scott's 1814 book Guy Mannering However; The book is much easier to find than this dog They would make an excellent apartment dog but they can be hard to get hold of.If you're lucky enough to find a DDT breeder you'll almost certainly find your best friend in this breed At first glance you might think that Saluki skipped a few meals but its slender leggy appearance is naturally suited to speed agility skills needed thousands of years ago as Egyptian pharaohs' favorite hunting dog In fact; They were so prized that Salukis were often mummified like bodies of pharaohs themselves.But all Saluki wants today are toys your love They'll be happy just about anywhere in city or country just about any weather Just make sure you avoid these 53 mistakes that every dog owner makes.This endangered species of Spitz was nearly extinct during World War II but Norwegian breeders miraculously recovered it fortunately it's still small today Known for its fun-loving nature affectionate personality Norwegian Lundehund would make perfect pet for active families.Often overlooked due to its rarity; The Lundehund has six toes on each foot instead of five like most other breeds It also has double jointed elbows shoulders which allow it to climb narrow rocky cliffs hunt puffins nests It's also able climb up down narrow passageways due its flexible shoulder blades.The Lundehund's ears can close tightly against head keep out dirt debris when exploring tight spaces This rare breed also has two extra pads on each paw which help it grip slippery surfaces like rocks ice If you're looking for rarest most unique

dog breeds

, look no further than Lundehund.

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