Can dogs be silent?

It's completely natural for an individual dog to have a calm personality. They may be naturally shy and unwilling to draw attention to themselves, or they may be especially demanding on how they exert their energy. If it doesn't seem worth barking, they'll choose to keep quiet. A dog that doesn't bark often, or doesn't bark at all, seems like a dream come true for pet owners (and their neighbors).

In reality, a quiet dog can be a cause for concern, especially if a previously noisy puppy suddenly stays still. The basenji is literally known as the dog without barking because it makes very little noise, but the breed is not completely mute. When they decide to raise their voices, hounds make strange noises that sound similar to those of the Tyrolean people. The Akitas have earned the nickname Silent Hunters, so you can bet they're pretty quiet.

They are loud and incessant barkers, but they immediately alert the family to any threat, so they are also good guard dogs. Although they may be a toy breed, Shih Tzus should not be grouped with other breeds of small dogs with a bad reputation for being barkers. Cathy is certified by the Professional Dog Trainer Certification Council and holds the designations CPDT-KA and CBCC-KA. Most Bernese mountain dogs aren't very vocal, but from time to time you'll find one with a lot to say.

While a calmer dog may not seem like such a problem to us, it's important to make sure that their behavior change isn't a sign of a larger medical or behavioral problem. You'll find small, medium and large dogs that don't bark much, are quite calm and would make perfect apartment pets. This can happen when your dog is a puppy or it can happen as you age into adulthood and begin to lose some of your puppy's energy. If you've recently rescued a dog and don't know its past, this could be a contributing factor to its silence.

Remember that, even if your dog's lack of sound is not due to a serious health problem, you can't go wrong if you ask your trusted veterinarian for advice. If you have a puppy or adult dog that falls silent unusually or suddenly, you should contact your vet immediately to rule out possible health reasons. With more than 13 years of experience, he has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of dogs on a wide variety of training and behavioral problems. And while not all stress is bad, a dog's levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) increase due to sudden changes in the family environment, scary events, or even as a response to perceived stress in humans.

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