Can a Dog Take Down a Wolf?

When it comes to protecting your property, livestock, or family, there are certain breeds of dogs that can be counted on to take down a wolf if attacked. These breeds include the Irish Wolfdog, the Kangal, the Caucasian Shepherd, the Tibetan Mastiff, the Cane Corso, the Boerboel, the Alabai and the Dogo Argentino. Wolves are naturally territorial and will protect their territories against other wolves, coyotes and domestic dogs. They are especially aggressive when their young are small and when they are protecting recent prey.

Wolf packs give birth in spring and then use meeting sites from mid-May to the end of September, when the pups are big enough to leave their den. Adult wolves will attack any predators that get too close to the meeting place or their young. These sites are usually openings in forests or neighboring areas with many traces of wolves, excrement and entangled vegetation. If a bait site is getting a lot of use from wolves, it is best to stop using it until they have left and focus on an alternative bait site.


Cane Corso

, an Italian giant breed, is an excellent guard dog for protecting against wolves. With a bite force of around 700 psi, this breed is capable of taking down a wolf if it invades its owner's property. Other breeds such as the


may also be able to kill a wolf with one bite, but they are not as territorial and may not be as successful in doing so. The

Irish Wolfdog

is a historic breed from Ireland that has inspired literature, poetry and mythology due to its presence and size.

Dog owners should be careful in areas occupied by wolves, especially when using their dogs for hunting. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources creates precautionary areas to warn hunters of wolf attacks on hunting dogs. When looking for a dog breed that can take down a wolf, look for one with a bite force greater than 400 PSI. The

Tibetan Mastiff

, for example, has a bite force of 238 PSI which is still very impressive for a dog but much lower than that of a wolf.

Its fierce gaze alone will cause a wolf to run in the other direction before any fight begins.

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